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OOST5  - Platform Footbridge modifications

Built by Don Mason of Nottingham

I needed a simple wood-built footbridge adjacent to the crossing on my ‘Orford’ OO layout (too many complaints from the ‘little people’ about long delays whilst the crossing gates were closed, particularly whilst shunting).


The Ancorton Models ‘platform footbridge’ kit proved to be absolutely ideal for the job, albeit with some fairly serious and equally carefully planned kit-bashing.


Shortened it (for single track), raised it on ‘cast iron’ supports (Ratio left-overs) to clear the loading gauge from ground level – as  opposed to platform mounting – and altered the orientation of the steps.  Additional steps needed to get the raised bridge down to floor level were fabricated from scratch, using some Wathers components.


Just goes to show that not everything in our little world need be as intended.

Thanks for a nice kit.

DSCF5480 DSCF5481 DSCF5489 DSCF5486 DSCF5493 DSCF5483 DSCF5494