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Laser Cut Tunnel Mouth kit, OO scale

OOTM1 - Twin track tunnel mouth kit, straight walled.

This kit builds into an OO scale model of a stone built, twin track tunnel mouth with straight sided walls.   The main structure is laser cut from plywood, with the corner overlays and the interior tunnel walls cut from card.    A short section of the stone etched tunnel interior is included, along with full colour assembly instructions.  


Tunnel entrance dimensions - 108 mm (w) x 68 mm (h) at the arch apex

The model is designed to be built into a hillside, rockface or other similar terrain.    The tunnel entrance of the finished model shown above measures 108 mm (w) x 68 mm (h) at the arch apex.   The actual width of the overall structure will vary depending on the final positioning of the embankment walls.


The kit contains sufficient parts to build one tunnel mouth as shown.