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OOTC1 - Tudor Cottage kit

This kit contains laser cut wooden and cardboard parts that assemble into a superbly detailed model of an OO scale Tudor period cottage.  It is straight forward to build and contains lots of interesting period features, such as a bowed roof, broken beams, filled in windows, deep recessed window frames.


Full colour assembly instructions are included.


The chimney features the Ancorton Models' Brick-Loc corner assembly system which creates very realistic interlocking brick corners.  



Brick-Loc OOTC1 -95792 Tudor Cottage OOTC1 - 95792 v3 OOTC1 - 95792 v4 OOTC1 - 95792 v2 OOTC1 - 95792 Timbers OOTC1 - 95792 Chimney

Dimensions: - 66mm (w) x 88mm (d) x 75mm (h)