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Bridges & Tunnel Mouths, Laser Cut kits. N Gauge

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The photographs below show the completed models after construction and painting

NBR2 Road bridge, single track, stone built.

NBR2-Finished1 NBR5- 95645 Finished1

NBR5 Road bridge, two arched, stone built.

NTM1- 95647 Finished1

NTM1 Tunnel mouth, double track, straight walls

NBR6 Road bridge, four arched, stone built.

NTM3 - 95627 Tunnel mouth, twin track, circular wa

NTM3 Tunnel mouth, double track, curved walls

NTM2 Tunnel mouth, single track, straight walls

NBR4a 95625 Finished 1

NBR4a Four arch causeway

NBR4b Finished 3

NBR4b Bridge piers